My Mum Grows Young

Sunday was my Mum’s birthday. She was thirty-five. Apparently for the last ten years, she has been getting a year younger with each birthday. I’m not sure on the science behind it but who am I to argue with my Mum?

My brother and his wife came up with this awesome idea. Mum was sent on a treasure hunt, receiving clues via text message to locate her treasure – her six kids.

I waited at the local pool where Mum had taken me thousands of times. Justin waited at Mum and Dad’s first house, Karina chose the hospital where Mum had helped her through six labours, Leah chose Kumon (this scary Maths tutoring program that she hated but Mum made her do), Alisa waited at The Haven and Rach chose to wait at the dance hall where she became this crazy ballerina.

After all that, we had a picnic in the park. It was the best.


  1. these photo's are AMAZING! i need to be a coulson, who's available? ;)


  2. haha. em - there's already a million of us!

  3. Amazing photos! What camera and lens you use to captured them?

  4. gloomy - i use a canon 5D mark ii and 35mm 1.4. every photo in this set was taken with that combo.

  5. rocking those 3d glasses! love.