Mayflower Nursing Home

Nan and Pop - That’s what I call mine. I actually have two Nans and a Pop. My other Pop died when I was one. I don’t remember him. I know that he must have liked me though. There is a photo that’s special to me where I’m sitting on my Pop’s knee in a blue jumpsuit.

Mayflower is a nursing home, not too far from where Kesh and I live. It’s full of Nans and Pops, Grandmas and Grandpas. People special to other people. Kesh’s Pa is in this nursing home so we are trying to get more involved in what goes on there.

Tonight, I headed up for a concert. The last concert I went to was Talib Kweli, and before that Lupe Fiasco. Not tonight though. A few old boys came down and played old tunes. 


  1. beautiful! I think you would like this


    p.s sorry to be all over your blog, but im diggin it :)

  2. no need for apologies. you are most welcome here. thanks for sharing the link. i like it a lot.

  3. I love this.

    My grandmother is in a nursing home. I knew all of my grandparents very well and she is the last one left. I have wanted to do what you did here, but I keep putting it off. She doesn't know me anymore and seeing her is so hard. But, I need to do it. Thanks for posting this. It's given me the incentive to do it.

  4. Tim, these are awesome and amazing and beautiful.

  5. wow, all those precious people.
    it's sad how we herd our elders away and then (often) forget them.
    thank you for remembering and, as always, capturing the beauty.