beetleshack babies

It's a good thing Kesh slept in today. More often than not, she tags along when I'm shooting.

I was driving up the coast to take photos of the Beetleshacks, who are like, super attractive people. That's not a problem in or of itself. The problem is when good looking people marry good looking people and make insanely beautiful babies.

You see, Kesh is clucky. I'm one of six children and so is she. We're all about big families and Kesh is ready to get the show on the road.

I think Joseph and Olive (pictured) would have thrown her over the edge. More to come from this beautiful family soon. In the mean time, feel free to trawl Mum Beetleshack's blog here.


  1. ahaha I love what you wrote! You should have bought that lady of yours, then dave and I could have gone out for coffee and left you to it ;)

  2. A beautiful photo! I look forward to reading more :)