the beetleshack family

Sometimes I'm the details guy. Sometimes...

The morning of the Beetleshack's shoot, I realised that I had only a street name and no house number. I dialled Em and asked for the necessary details. I forgot the number almost immediately (I'm just as awesome at forgetting names and where my keys, phone and wallet are) but remembered her telling me to look out for the white picket fence. I saw it as I came around the bend - a home. A special little place that the Beetleshacks call theirs. Walls, floors, doors and windows filled with the ones they love best.

Some people question why I enjoy taking photos for no particular reason, at no particular event, at no particular time. Sure, I love taking photos at weddings, birthdays and other significant events (a lot) but for me, life, family and love are reason enough. And they happen everyday...just ask the Beetleshacks.

To get to know this family more, Mumma Beetleshack has a most awesome blog, which you can track down here.

If you're interested in having me come into your home and taking photos of your life, family and everyday nothings, contact me here.


  1. Oh WOW ... you are one super talented photographer!! Just stunning!

  2. Dude. Hero. Legend. They are excellent and you are excellent! THANK YOU!! i think my fave is the one of JoeJoe presenting himself like a super star at the end of his spectacular pillow tower build. Along with the one of Olive being happily neglected while we read a story. Oh, im a happy lady and Dave is a happy man!


  3. I LOVE!! Can you come to my place - my son is 9 months old and I have no profeshy photos of him... by this stage in my daughter's life, the place was a photographic shrine!!

  4. Wow!! Amazing photos! Not just an awesome photographer but amazing subjects (could be a little biased as I am Gran-Beetleshack) Well done!
    Love from Boo-boo Beetleshack.

  5. @bubby makes three, i'm taking bookings for family sessions everyday. shoot me an email to get the ball rolling...

  6. i love these! so natural and beautiful. that guy looks like morrissey--i'm sure he has hear that before. beautiful photos, beautiful family, beautiful life.

  7. Your photography is delicious.

    And I am pretty sure that this is one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen.

    I will be coming back for more, more, more....

    Wish I was on the same continent as you. I want you to take MY picture!

  8. I'M SAVING EVERY PENNY! I want to book you to take my family photos Tim!!!! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY right up there with the best indeed!!!! OMG!!!!