one too many

I was hesitant to have this conversation...

Monday nights are just for us - Kesh and me. We didn't even take Trooper with us. We were havaiana clad, hot stepping down to Werri Beach.

I immediately put my finger on the trigger and started snapping away.

Somewhere between there and home, Kesh and I realised that maybe I take too many photos of her. It's just that she's so damn beautiful.

Lucky for me, I dig taking photos of more than just Kesh. This week I have some superrr families to hang out with and you'll get to meet them too. One from the city, and another from the city who are now country bumpkins.

Next stop, the Wang. It will make sense soon, I promise.


  1. wow, that photo second from the bott. AMAZING. and wang? i sure ho[e it does make sense, i can only assume you are talking about Vera? no?

  2. Second from the bottom is my favorite as well. Vera

  3. Can't wait to pop in on my next trip down the coast and see ur pics in print bro...lovin the blog.

  4. you are overdue, homie. drop in anytime.