macdonald family preview

'I want to live here. Do you want to live here?' Kesh had more than a little excitement in her voice.

We had just driven over the green mountains from the ocean and arrived in one of the most ridiculously beautiful villages ever.

See below for a little preview of just where 'here' is. A spot the Macdonald family reside, lovingly referred to hereafter as 'The Wang'.


  1. I am waaaay too excited about this Tim. THANK YOU! Cannot wait to see the rest. It was so lovely to meet you guys, really a great morning! THANK YOU

  2. Yep, fabulous pictures Tim! You are a natural! feel free to come and get snap happy over my way! :-)

  3. well haven't you just captured this family perfectly. I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact I know someone who lives in such a beautiful house and environment but it kinda goes with them being such beautiful people. Snaps to you for taking photos so reflective of them.