For something like the third time in the history of their children, Jeremy and Stacey left their most special ones with a babysitter.

Kesh did most of the babysitting.

When the little ones were tucked away, I snuck in to check they were ok. I peered through the sheets of the home-made double bunk bed fort and saw Fallon, fast asleep. Soft and dreamy.

My soon-to-be Papa heart stopped for just a moment. I took it in, and then melted.


You might not know this, but I love to shoot video. And I'm thinking about incorporating it into the business.

A family portrait will look something like this. 

Music: Caspian Epochs in Dmaj. Available on iTunes here.

For the camera heads, this was shot entirely on my Canon 5D Mark II and TS-E 45mm f/2.8. I don't normally shoot video on the tilt shift but I felt like doing something different.


  1. Far out .....I need to get you back.

  2. Tim Tim Tim... is there NOTHING you don't do brilliantly??!! :-) Seriously LOVE it!! PLEASE add video to your repertoire!

    And must say, gorgeous family... what a pricelss memory this is for them.

  3. Awhh Tim you're so clever! It's just beautiful.

  4. Is there anything you can't do? beautiful.

  5. awww i want one i want one!!!! Totally adorable - from the kids to the video to the music. You are amazing!