I never forget how beautiful Kesh is but I love the reminder, every time I see her through my camera.

We are at fifteen weeks. Our baby is now the size of an apple.

I really love the fruit or vegetable our baby is compared to each week. I remember all the way back when baby was just a grape:)

It's still hard to believe there is a life inside Kesh. One that is growing and will soon be in our lives.


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Kesh wears Sheer Rib Long Dress and 3-D Flower Mesh Jumper by American Apparel.


  1. Loving that apple in the 3D flower mesh! x

  2. If I *had* to choose, I love #2 the best...but really, they are all so wonderous. You have two very lovely models there Tim :)

  3. Beautiful shots of a beautiful lady! xxx