We didn't live together before we were married. We'd never slept in the same bed.

'Things change when you get married,' they said.

'It takes some getting used to. There's an adjustment period'.

'Don't expect it to be perfect right away'.

Maybe we got lucky but I don't think so. I think I married the right person. The only person.

I own a few moleskines. There's a small black one in particular, which has very little written in it at all. Maybe two or three pages of words. They are the words I wrote down before I spoke at our wedding.

I'm forever grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for allowing me the blessing of being with one of his most precious daughters, for this life and the life to come.

When I think about Kesh, with our baby growing inside her, I am thankful for this life. For what it offers to each of us. The ability to love and be loved. To create new life.

This post is a little late in the week. Yesterday, Kesh and I celebrated two years of marriage and I wanted to take these photos on our anniversary.

To the girl who believed in me and helped me believe in myself, Happy Aniversary. I love you x

Kesh wears: Long Accordion Pleat Skirt in Black by American Apparel.


  1. Happy Anniversary lovebirds, for now and all eternity!

    this time next year there will be a babe in arms.


  2. Happy anniversary Tim! Kesh is so beautiful, that smile is amazing ;) Hope alls going well with the bub x

  3. Love personified... Happy Anniversary wonderful people!

  4. If ever there was a couple who was made for each other... I say that having never met Kesh, but your photos have a way of capturing a person's true essence, so I feel like I know you both so well. All the stuff I need to, anyway. Two good years with many more to come. x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Seems so effortless but so meaning and intriguing.
    Congratulations on the {almost} new addition!


  6. Your composition and use of light is amazing, she looks beautiful!

  7. Happy Anniversary. I hopped over to peek at the wedding photos as you do and please tell Kesh I LOVE her dress!

  8. Completely beautiful words. Happy anniversary, feel the love xx

  9. Happy anniversary.

    Gorgeous photos.

  10. Surprised we've only just stumbled on your work. I've had a good look through your portfolio and it's gorgeous!

  11. I just love the one of Kesh smiling. Beautiful guys. Congrats.

  12. Tim, I love these latest pictures of your wife. Heres the thing, she could be the most unfortunate looking person (though she's clearly not!) and I think I would still love her. Your photography shows a clear reverence, respect and natural love towards everyone you shoot. I can just see it in every frame. Good job. happy new year.

  13. Such a wonderful story. I am so pleased to hear of others who choose to do things "the old fashioned" way. We were so pleased we did as well. I hope that faith continues to bind you two together through the exciting adventure of parenthood. Your photos are amazing. They reek of the beauty of the unique Australian landscape, and of course of your gorgeous wife (who I must say really reminds me of Kate Winslet, but I'm sure she gets that a lot)... Thanks for sharing.

  14. You are the most adorable preggo ever!!