You started to move this week. Your Mum took my hand and placed it over you and I felt you there.

You are real to me.


Look at her, would you? Man, if only you could all know her. She loves like no one else. I could take the perfect photo of her and you still wouldn't know just how beautiful she is.

Still can't believe she married me.

We're super excited for the new year. We're going to clean our chalkboard down, scrub it clean and fill it with the things we want to do, the places we want to go and goals to help us grow into the people we want to become.

Keshy wants to learn how to eco-mum. I'm not sure entirely what it means but I know one thing: we'll be using cloth nappies. Woo.

On Tuesday, we've got our next scan. It's the one where you can find out what you're having. We're not, we like surprises. I can't wait to make those phone calls to our families and friends, to tell them what we've created.

Far out.

That will be cool.

Happy New Year, friends. I appreciate you being here.

Kesh wears: Mid Length Circle Skirt in Royal Blue Peach Skin, Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Dress in Light Aqua and Leather Cut Out Sling Back Sandal in Camel Patent by American Apparel.


  1. incredible. it's like i'm looking at kate winslet. that's a compliment. what a beauty!

  2. Kesh and that lip stick are best friends. total fruity perfection.

    I LOVE it when Kesh wears colour too. fabulous.

    Hello baby coulson, be naughty and reveal your gender against your parents wishes, just for me?


  3. So so beautiful. All of it.
    I love not finding out, the surprise, it is the best in the whole world.

    x jody

  4. Beautiful photos Tim. It's so wonderful to read about your little family growing.. Very inspiring!

  5. so beautiful. this might be my favorite yet.

  6. We went for the surprise too. Only a matter of weeks now and we'll find out. We wouldn't have it any other way, life has so little true surprises left so this is one to cherish. And we're going with cloth nappies too. Eco-mums, woo!

    Beautiful pictures. I'm with Em - that lipstick rocks. xx

  7. Gorgeous! I seriously love Kesh's lipstick colors. They are always so bold and pretty. As my nieces would say "her wears fancy lips" ;)

  8. So beautiful. That surprise is like nothing you will ever experience. It's so amazing.
    Happy New Year to you guys. xx
    Ps. Kesh should be the spokesmodel for American Apparel. She wears their clothes so well!

  9. Beautiful! The surprise will be worth it...we had a surprise with our first two, a boy and then a girl :).

  10. Having had our lovely little girl almost one year ago these pics make me want to do it all again just so we could try to capture all the excitment you share with us all. We too left it to the last minute like at birth to find out, after two boys hubby and I were so blown away with our little "Miss Poppy"
    So very lucky to share with you both Mush love and thanks from us

  11. beautiful. i've only commented a few times, but i've been reading your blog for awhile, and this is the first time i've actually taken an in-depth look into your work. aka, reading all of your posts and looking at all of your photos. this is spectacular. i remember my mommy telling me all the time that she used cloth diapers with me, and that it was so much more efficient. used them on my sister, too.

    keep up the good work! :)