Keshy has a bump now. Really, she does. And there's a baby inside.

You can't really see it in these photos. She's expert at keeping it under wraps. We joke about her being at the point where people can't tell if she's just had a massive dinner, or really is pregnant.

I saw my baby this week. The exact movements of its life in front of my eyes. Legs kicking and a mouth wide open yawn, flickering on the monitor.

I think I will always remember that.

Keshy has a very special post on her blog. You can see the same things I saw. It will probably make you want to have a baby, if you aren't already having one.

These photos were taken on The Cameron's farm, just outside Milton (one of our favourite places). Our awesome friends were staying there and said we should take Keshy's photos this week with the farm animals. We drove down straightaway.

Kesh wears: Striped Chambray Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt in White/Black Vertical Stripe, Rib Nylon Spandex Legging in Royal Blue and Leather Cut Out Sling Back Sandal in Light Pink Embossed by American Apparel


  1. So totally beautiful, TIm. We are loving the horses!!

    Keith and I watched Keshy's video with little tears rolling down our cheeks.

    Thanks for including us on your journey

    Much love xox

  2. Kesh's palm looks extra nice when its flat (the one with the apple) and I LOVE the one 4th from the top, so happy and powerful!

  3. There's that donkey again. Hello donkey.

    Kesh is blooming. x

  4. I'd sound like a broken record if I said how gorgeous Kesh is looking (ooops... there I go again).

    But that is some seriously sweet livestock. Love horses! x

  5. Looking beautiful. And 20 weeks already! Time is flying xx

  6. Oh that aint no big dinner thats a bubba!! xx

  7. oh you guys. STOP IT> I don't need more babies but you're right, i'm wanting them!

    Love that tum!

  8. Beautiful.... the bump, the horses, the photos. p.s. just curious, does kesh work at american apparel?