Me and my cameras flew to Perth on Thursday. I was shooting a family session. Fly in, fly out. Same day kinda deal.

I set it up that way so I wouldn't have to be away from Kesh.

Unfortunately, I missed my flight home, which meant I would have to wait eight hours for the next and fly through the night. Just me, no Kesh.

Luckily, I shot with an awesome family that day, who were more than accommodating. Seriously, we went swimming at the beach and they took me out to dinner. I was just going to waste time in the terminal but they wouldn't have that.

But when I was at the airport again and waiting to board my flight, my body clock telling me it was 2am, I ached for Kesh. I just wanted to hold her, so tight.

I wanted her with me. I want her with me. Always.

And when this baby is born, I want it with me, with us, always.

Kesh wears: Long Accordion Pleat Skirt in Creme and Denim Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt in Light Wash Indigo by American Apparel.


  1. She's just too beautiful. And it was our pleasure. :)

  2. Dude, you have such a beautiful way with words. My heart feels the same when I think about my boy & our baby, as you do about your gal and the little one in her belly. Isn't love insane and wondrous & awesome xx

  3. Your wife and your words are beautiful. Congrats on the baby--your life will never be the same. Inspired by and loving your work all the way from Dallas, Texas USA.

  4. you are magician with your words and lens tim. what a beautiful father you will be x

  5. you will be the best parents. ever.