We met at our favourite cafe, right next to the university Kesh graduated from.

Danielle had just flown in from Hong Kong a few hours earlier but you would never know it. We sat there, in that cafe and spoke like we'd all known each other for the longest time. And we spoke for so long that I had to move our car from it's hour long parking bay.

If you're human, you'll know that rain makes most activities more difficult and less enjoyable. And you'll probably know that in March, it rained a butt load.

"We don't care about the rain, we just want to get married," Danielle told me.

Awesome. And get married they did.

And just for the record, we only had the smallest amount of rain.


  1. Amazing!!! You have captured the emotion so beautifully that I feel like I know them! I feel like I was really there! Beautiful x

    1. Sorry! I need to sort out this blogging biz! I haven't commented before! I saw your link through Facebook - rather than 'Unknown' my name is Simone! And I really admire your work Tim :-)

  2. Luke totally suits that 50s do.

  3. Beautifully narrated as always Tim

  4. I just love these tim! I think luke may have something to do with it - his 50's style is just too cool! beautiful bride, beautiful groom, beautiful wedding. well done AGAIN! x

  5. Just awesome Tim. I love how you caught the moment when her veil got swept upwards by the wind!

  6. Your pictures just keep getting better! x

  7. Cracker of a wedding! The shots taken under the Morton Bay Fig are just exquisite. Don't tell Danielle, but I think the one of Luke under the tree is just the most amazing of all. x

  8. I really enjoyed these wedding pics, thanks for sharing :)

  9. Wow! You are such an awesome photographer!!
    i can feel the love through the photo!!