This is my child. Mine with Kesh. And mine with Him who is giving.

The last seventy two hours have been some of the most polarising of my life. I spent the weekend in the Highlands with Kesh. We attended a birthing class - one which opened my mind and has made me even more sure of the things I already knew; I love Kesh, I love our baby, and our birth experience will be just that. Ours.

I've also received news, which is not so beautiful, about people I care deeply for. And I've been thinking hard all day.

The world we live in is many things. My heart is heavy as I realise that not all things in this world are going to impact positively on our child.

The closer to the birth I come, the more I realise the trust that is being shown to me as a father, even now. The closer to the birth we come, the more I want to build a beautiful world for our child to be born into and to live in.

There is good in this world, baby. I promise. You will see. Soon.

With you, and with your Mum, I will help you to see all of it. And you will help me. You already have.

I love you.


  1. These are beautiful thoughts, so beautifully written.

    Baby Coulson is one super lucky bambino.

  2. Beautiful...I have been following your blog for a few months & I love getting lost in the stories they portray..I know this may sound odd coming from a stranger but if I could find a man like you I would be lucky.the way you write about your wife is stunning & your baby will be very lucky to have a great man as a father..all the best for the safe arrival of your baby..can't wait for lots of photos.

  3. It's such a tricky business, this big bad world. You will do great, all of you. With such love in your hearts the goodness will always shine on you guys. Promise x

  4. Breathtaking and precious, Tim.