I know you must have been hoping for a birth announcement but as I type this, Kesh is still completely pregnant (we aren't due until Sunday). She's flicking through a magazine while cringing at The Voice.

But in other awesome news, we're announcing two more dates for The Nursery. The sessions will be run in NSW (in our home). If you live in another state, please register your interest by emailing Kesh and we'll let you know when we're heading your way.

The first session we ran sold out in a matter of hours, so we've decided to run two Saturday sessions on:

- Saturday, August 4
- Saturday, August 11

For me, the best part of our first Nursery was the live shoot. To see people, who were so scared of their cameras and the idea of shooting on manual that same morning, running around in the forest with huge smiles because they actually created an exposure that worked was inspiring. It reminded me of what it means to be able to create.

If you're scared of your camera, if you don't shoot on anything but auto, if you don't get aperture...this is the workshop to change your photographical journey.

Here are the details again:

We'll spend the day covering what has helped me achieve the things I have in the last year: 

Emotional Shooting - Why I believe connecting with your subject will help you take better photos than any camera.
Technical Shooting - Learning how to shoot on manual and control your exposure. F stops, shutter speeds, aperture and all the rest.
Practical Shooting - A real live shoot using your new found knowledge.
Theory - Culling, editing and workflow.
Q&A - Ask me anything. Seriously.

The Details

The Nursery will be held in Gerringong, NSW (ninety minutes south of Sydney city), starting at 10am, finishing at 5pm.

It's going to cost you $380, which includes lunch from the local deli, and drinks to keep you warm.

This is not a workshop for professional photographers. This is a workshop for people who love photography, own a DSLR and don't know how to use it but want to learn.

Email Kesh to reserve your seat in our living room:

Meet some of the gang who joined us for our first ever workshop and read Beth's review of the day.


  1. Im in i just have to email you tomorrow morning.

  2. This almost makes me wish I was scared of my camera ;)

  3. Wish I could do this...but I can't do Saturdays :(

  4. I would so be there, it sounds perfect! But I live in NZ :(

  5. oh oh oh! how I wish I lived in Australia and not united states. boo!

  6. Thanks for sharing the details. I hope I can make it there.