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The first time I caught the train from Gerringong, a few things didn’t quite fit in to what you would consider a regular commute. I got a park a few metres from the platform, I could only use coins to buy my ticket, the train was diesel and there was a beautiful old building directly opposite the station.

The Gerringong Cooperative Factory has stood its ground since something like 1888. It used to be the place where the local farmers would pool their produce. Now it’s home to a dance studio and Pete, who has a mean eye for timber and turning it into beautiful pieces of furniture. 

Kesh and I wanted to buy this old building. Turn it into a house/studio/restaurant/B&B/the-most-awesome-place-that-you-have-ever-been-in-your-whole-life. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with the near million dollars it just sold for.

Snaps below feature Pete in his space, doing what he does.


  1. Dear Tim,
    You eat at my self-esteem with every post you post. You're brilliant.
    And I would love to visit Gerringong Cooperative.

  2. i would hate to think that my photos eat at anyone's self esteem. yes, visit! there isn't much there at the moment but it's an unbelievable space to dream about.

  3. These are the best pictures you've ever taken. seriously, collectively, they are so good.

  4. seriously. thanks...and hello to you also. your kinds words are much appreciated.

  5. Dear Tim,
    We absolutely love the photos, just letting you know that Gerringong Coop are now up for sale again if you are still interested in making it an "awesome" place. We love it, but we have to let it go!
    haven & space (owners of the coop)

  6. Tim, these pics are really, really good. And how awesome that you have them as now they are priceless.