The Nursery is taking a road trip. Kesh, Roo and me will be heading to Melbourne in September to run three workshops.

And we've pretty much sold out the first two...

When I first decided to teach what I've learnt over the past year, the response blew me away. We started a mailing list and the people on that list get first dibs on spaces, so if you want to make sure you get the opportunity to attend, email Kesh and let her know where you are. We'll be heading to most capital cities over the next 12 months.

Here are the dates for Melbourne:

- Friday, September 14 (three places left)
- Saturday, September 15 (full)
- Monday, September 17 (I've only just decided to run this date so it's wide open at the moment)

The Nursery is tailored for anyone who owns a DSLR but only shoots with it on auto. There is so much potential within all those dials and buttons and this workshop arms you with the knowledge you need to finally understand how to create an exposure. Shooting manual ain't as scary as it seems. Trust me.
Here are the details again:

We'll spend the day covering what has helped me achieve the things I have in the last year:  

Emotional Shooting - Why I believe connecting with your subject will help you take better photos than any camera.
Technical Shooting - Learning how to shoot on manual and control your exposure. F stops, shutter speeds, aperture and all the rest.
Practical Shooting - A real live shoot using your new found knowledge.
Theory - Culling, editing and workflow.
Q&A - Ask me anything. Seriously.

The Nursery will be held in Balwyn North, VIC, starting at 10am, finishing at 5pm. We will be hosted by one of the most generous and kind people I have ever met, Kirsty, from Kootoyoo.

It's going to cost you $380 to attend and payment is required to secure your place.

This is not a workshop for professional photographers. This is a workshop for people who love photography, own a DSLR and don't know how to use it but want to learn.

Email Kesh to reserve your seat in our living room:


  1. Your work is just amazing, is perfect!.

  2. you are so wonderful! let me know if you ever come to the US- preferably West Coast! :)

  3. If I didn't live in London, I'd be signing up right now! I do very much like your pictures :) Warm wishes from rainy London!

  4. These are pretty much the coolest pictures ever!

  5. I'm really looking forward to it. x

  6. Wow, I would absolutely LOVE to be there learning all your tricks! You are so so talented!

  7. Oh my goodness, please come to the UK! I know it's the farthest away from you as possible, but you should do a London one! I love photography so much but have an awful lot to learn and I've never felt so moved by photographs as I have by yours. Sincerely, you have *something* incredible. And your darling family do too.

  8. I have to do one of your workshops soon. I'm so inspired by you!

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